How qualifying, racing, overtaking and being lapped works


Remember that in the qualifying heats, the only thing you are racing is the clock. You are not racing the other cars on the track. Concentrate on getting around the track, in the fastest possible time and do everything possible to avoid collisions - two or three crashes in a race will usually cost you a lap or more. So avoiding collisions, either with other cars or the track barriers, this will improve the number of laps you complete and the higher you will qualify.


The only time you should race other cars is during the finals and then only when the cars are on the same lap as you. If you are lapping or being lapped then these guidelines should be followed.

Being Overtaken

You are fully entitled to make your car as wide as possible to prevent the other driver getting past. However do not swerve to barge the other car off the track as they try to get past. This is classed as bad driving and will cost you time and friends.

The best way not to be overtaken is to stick to the racing line. If the other car tries to cut in, even tighter then you. You may try to stop the other car from overtaking (but don't push it off the track). If the other car gets the nose of their car ahead of yours then they have the place, you should give that place away and try and re pass at the next available opportunity. The other driver will do everything they reasonably can to stop you from overtaking and it is your responsibility to make sure that you pass cleanly without contact with that car. The best way of doing this is to stay close behind the other car (but not too close that you touch). The other driver will start to focus on your car and will be more likely to make a mistake and allow you to get past easily. Wait for a suitable passing opportunity such as running wide on the exit of a corner or being delayed by a car being lapped.

If no such opportunities arise then you will need to come up with other tactics such as finding out places on the track, where your are quicker then they are and perhaps trying alternative racing lines. So that you can approach the corner quicker than they can. However do not use this to barge your way past.

If you make contact with the other car so that they crash or spin out, that you have just passed, this is classed as unfair behaviour or advantage, it is encouraged that you should wait and let the other driver retake the place and try again to retake that place fairly.

Being lapped

If another car is faster than you, then move over to one side to let it past. The best way of doing this is to run wide at the first available slow corner and letting the faster car take the racing line. By doing this you will hardly lose any time at all. However be aware that the other car may try and
overtake you on another place on track. If the other driver tries to do this then ease off the throttle and let him get past you. Trying to block leading drivers is not good practice, not only could it slow both off you down, it is likely to lead to a collision which could cost you and them a lot of time and or money.

If the other car is only marginally quicker or not quicker than you at all, it maybe worth while letting them pass and drop slightly back behind them. If you don't, your focus will be on their car rather then concentrating on your racing lines. The result will be a slower time for both drivers. Remember - try to anticipate when the other driver will try and pass you - slowing down by a fraction will save you a lot of time than carrying on at full speed and crashing.

If you are coming up to overtake a faster car then don't expect it to move over straight away, as it my not be a suitable place to do so. Instead stay behind the car until you find a safe place to pass, or the car moves to one side to let you through. Losing a fraction of a second by slowing down for a few corners is much better way than crashing which could cost you many seconds or retirement because of damage. Even if the car is a lot slower than you, knocking that car off. So that you can get past quickly is totally unacceptable.

The safest place to pass other cars are by taking the inside line on slow corners, on the straight (don't get too close to the other car otherwise just a touch will send both off the track) or wait for the other car to make a mistake this is the fastest and safest way.

If you are coming up to a slower car then do not immediately shout out lapping.You should give the other driver the chance to move aside at a suitable place. Only if you are being held up for a lap
or more should you give the driver a reminder by calling the driver's name or car colour(s) and state that you are lapping.

If the car you are overtaking is the same speed as yours then unless you are confident that you can make the pass cleanly, stay behind the car and concentrate on your own lines. Pressure will make people make mistakes. Only if the other car is being lapped should you call out for the car to move aside. If you are both on the same lap or even the other car is at least a lap in front, then just concentrate on your own lines or even consider dropping back slightly to avoid any potential collisions.

Remember - it is the overtaking cars responsibility to overtake the other cars without hitting them or causing damage. Even if this means staying behind them for a few corners.

But most importantly remember to have fun and respect each other’s equipment. This is not a cheap hobby and causing damage to others cars is poor drivers etiquette.

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